Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go To Market

Findlay Market.  Fantastic.

We've had a wonderful winter so far... meaning it hasn't felt like winter.  Hardly a trace of snow.  Temperatures in the 50's and 60's.

So when Pete suggested we head down to our local indoor/outdoor food market last weekend, when it was a lovely, sunny, balmy (for winter) day, I was all in.

Findlay Market is one of those places that makes me happy all over.  It's bright, beautiful, urban, fresh, eclectic, exciting and, oh by the way, if you like to cook, it's kind of like paradise.

Findlay has multiple indoor and outdoor stands.  There is everything from fresh meat, poultry and fish...

Pete gets help from Mike Luken at Luken's Fish and Poultry.  

 to veggie stands...

Beautiful, bright, abundant veggies
Just one of the fruit stands in and around Findlay Market

I just love going here because seeing so much color, so much abundance.

Virtually everything you want is at Findlay.  Okay, no toilet paper, cleaning supplies or even barbeque grills for sale.  But if you want fresh.  If you want to buy from a local, small (tiny) vendor, here is where you go.

There is even a stand devoted entirely to spices and spice blends.  Pete wanted to make rabbit for dinner (yep, bunny).  He asked the guys at the spice stand (Colonel De's) for help and ta-da, they had a spice blend for him.

Colonel De's Spices.  Fantastic.

And then there are the "out buildings"  The buildings surrounding the actual market.  Places like, Madison's grocery.  Mostly, if not all, organic.  Hard to find veggies.  Micro veggies, you name it.

A few steps away is a little cookie store.  They only make four or five different cookies, and they're almost all variations on shortbread, but man, are they good.  I love their window (see the elephants?).

A wine store was doing brisk business for a Saturday afternoon.  I mean, it was packed.

Findlay is in Cincinnati.  It's a treasure. It's in the heart of downtown.  If you live here, I hope you go.  To see the people.  To taste the food.  To support the owners.  To support your city.  If you don't, I hope there is someplace for you to go that is equally as special.

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