Sunday, March 18, 2012

Griff goes green

What did you do for St. Patrick's Day?  Drink green beer, maybe?  Have some corned beef and cabbage.  Sounds yummy.

My family?

Well... let's just say they got green.

You need to see this.

You've met my dog, Griffin by now, yes?  Yes.

He's adorable.  He's fluffy.  He's soft and lovely.  And sweet.

He's my sweet baby.

He's also ready for a his summer buzz cut.

So, the kids got the bright idea (from Pete) to turn my doggie green.

Like a leprechaun.  Or a shamrock.  Or a dirty dog who rolled in fresh cut grass.

We used green Kool-Aid, so no one freak on me.  The dog is perfectly safe.

And loved.  Did I mention they love the shaggy mutt?  They do.

The love having fun just as much.  Can you tell?

They (read: I) filled an empty bottle with the Kool-Aid and a touch of water... and a-sprayin' they went.
A little splotchy at first. 

Okay, more than a little.  He looks like a green-spotted furry cow.

Did I mention that this dog truly loves being "touched".  Doesn't really matter if you pet him, pat him, or just put a finger on his head.  He loves to be touched.  So this is a good day for old Griff...
in a way.

This is how I choose to look at it.

See? He's happy!  And apparently doesn't mind looking like a graffiti-strewn overpass.

They tried.. really tried... to fill all the color in.

It just didn't work well.  Best laid plans of mice and men.. and kids and dogs, I guess.

Attack of the killer neon green(ish) polar bear dog!

See?  He's happy.  Kristen just doesn't want to get dirty!

 But to add insult to this horrible injury, my lovely little kids, the people I hope become whole human beings (some day) decided the neighborhood needed to see the monster/monstrosity they created.

You go, shamrock dog.  You strut your green stuff.  It's St. Patty's day, after all.  Get your green on!