Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surrounded by amazing people

Every week my neighbor, Heidi, and I go for a walk.  We burn a few calories, but maybe more importantly, we get a lot off our chests.  Everything from dinner ideas to laundry woes, what may seem insignificant is debated, discussed and suddenly I feel better about life.

Heidi also happens to be a Pilates teacher, who offers a few of us neighbor chicks a class at her house on Wednesday nights.  Maura, who lives across the street, and I have been taking advantage of Heidi's kindness for years.  On those nights Maura and I work on our core, our stability and our smiles.  We laugh at ourselves and each other.  It's pretty terrific.  Those two ladies make me smile.

While I think I knew how much all this time meant to me, I never really said it out loud until last weekend, when Heidi and I were on our weekly jaunt.  For some reason, I just told her.  About how much she gives us.  Not only is she making us happy, she is making us healthy, stronger, better.  Heidi is making such a positive impact in our lives just by being part of it and encouraging us.

What more can you want from a friend?

There are people in my life like that who I probably haven't taken the time to thank.  My sister, Renee, always knows when I'm feeling down and lifts my spirits through her generosity and kindness.  She is my earth and my connection to my family and knows me better than probably anyone else.

My sister-in-law, Theresa, is a ray of sunshine in my life.  She soothes my heart and makes me smile.  I feel like I'm closer to peace when I'm with her.

Allyson and Janiene listen to the ramblings of a sometimes crazy person without judgement.

Julie has been there through it all, listening, (not judging) laughing and swapping crafty ideas.

Mary Beth encourages me to move my body and live a healthier life.

"Bean" is always laughing, letting things slide off her back and that helps me realize how uptight I am. (ugh)

These are all gifts I get each day.  Every time I reach out to one of these amazing people and the rest of the fantastic people who I'm lucky enough to know.

I just hope I bring something positive to their lives, too.

Many of us are lucky to have that guy in our lives who loves us, cares for us, who is our partner and friend.  I have that.  I am blessed.

But it is these friendships that round out who I am as a person.  They mean the world to me and tell me quite a bit about myself.  They are pretty fantastic, strong, creative people.  I hope to be a reflection of them and let whatever light I have shine back on them, too.

Thanks, y'all.  You are the best.

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  1. You are the best! What a sweet blog! I love you!