Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Hour Makeover

I got bored today, something my husband, Pete, dreads.  Because when I get bored, I get busy doing.... something.  I rearrange drawers, tear apart bedrooms or paint rooms.

And that's what I decided to do today.  I painted the bathroom.  For, like, the fourth time.

Since we bought this house I've averaged painting that darned bathroom every other year.  What does that say about me?

More importantly, this whole thing drives Pete batty.  Mostly because I make a mess and don't always finish the project.  But, he's learned to not put up roadblocks (that only makes me more determined) and just walk away.  He hides in another part of the house and hopes I never need him.

One time I got a bug up my booty to strip the front door.  It had layers and layers of paint on it.  He begged me not to.  He told me it was much harder than I imagined and it would take a long time to complete.  Then he made the mistake of saying, "Don't do it, honey.  You can't do it."

Oops.  That was mistake.

Sadly, when someone says "you can't", I decide, "oh yes I can" (insert hand on hips and head bob).

So when Pete had to leave for some kid-related adventure that took about 4 hours that day, I just KNEW I would get that door done before he got back.  Why not?  People on the internet said you could.

A year and a half later, that door hung on our house half-stripped and looking like termites attacked it.  I was hoping the neighbors thought I was being rustic.

So, today was, "I gotta paint the bathroom".  It was a lovely shade of mellow spring green (yuck) and I wanted it go to a dark gray.

Before with the lovely green walls.  The blue is painter's tape

Another "before
Pete said he thought it was a bad idea because it was so dark.  Mistake.  I told myself, "you'll see".  And I got busy.

It's not a big bathroom.  Sadly.  So it didn't take very long.  Two hours at best.  But what do you think?  I dig it.

And guess what?  The hubby thinks it looks good, too.  Ha!  Told ya.


  1. Just found your blog from a link on Pinterest (my latest addiction). Do you remember the brand and color of this paint? I have a room I want painted gray, but the thought of testing so many shades of gray was daunting.

    1. Hi Marianne. It's called Chimney Smoke. I can't remember the brand but I think it's Laura Ashley? Anyway, I got it a Lowes, so they should be able to replicate it easily. I didn't even have my chip when I had the paint mixed up. I just told them the paint color name. I hope that helps. Thanks for visiting!